Terpenes and the “Entourage Effect”

Terpenes and the “Entourage Effect”

Each strain comes with its own unique smell. These different smells are due to something called TERPENES. Terpenes are aromatic scents that can be found in many other fruits and plants, but it is more common talk amongst the cannabis crowd as something that causes the “entourage effect”.

The “entourage effect” is when cannabinoids (like THC and CBD) interact with terpenes in the brain’s receptors to create a particular high, effectively enhancing the effects of cannabinoids compared to taking them without terpenes.

The terpene composition differs between cannabis strains and is good information to know as I’ve come across a lot of individuals who dislike one or the other and it really does make a difference in the quality of your high.

Listed below are some of the most common terpenes.

Pinene- a pine aroma. Pinene is an anti-inflammatory and might give users pain and anxiety relief.

Limonene- citrus aroma (personally one of my favorites!) Limonene might uplift your mood, helping to reduce anxiety and depression

Myrcene- musky earthy as well as herbal aroma. Mrycene gives users overall body relaxation and euphoria. It may increase the number of cannabinoid substance in the brain, amplifying the effects of your cannabis.

Caryophllene- peppery, woody, spicy + clove. Known to be an anti-inflammatory, it may help reduce pain and anxiety in users.

Linalool- aromas of floral, citrus and candy. Commonly found in lavender plants, it may give users overall relaxation.

Terpinolene- with its pine, floral, herbal and sometimes citrus aromas. It’s believed to give users uplifting effects.

Do the terpenes in the strains impact your likeability to certain strains or does this not effect it at all for you?

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