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Terpenes and the “Entourage Effect”

Each strain comes with its own unique smell. These different smells are due to something called TERPENES. Terpenes are aromatic scents that can be found in many other fruits and plants, but it is more common talk amongst the cannabis crowd as something that causes the “entourage effect”.

The “entourage effect” is when cannabinoids (like THC and CBD) interact with terpenes in the brain’s receptors to create a particular high, effectively enhancing the effects of cannabinoids compared to taking them without terpenes.

The terpene composition differs between cannabis strains and is good information to know as I’ve come across a lot of individuals who dislike one or the other and it really does make a difference in the quality of your high.

Listed below are some of the most common terpenes.

Pinene- a pine aroma. Pinene is an anti-inflammatory and might give users pain and anxiety relief.

Limonene- citrus aroma (personally one of my favorites!) Limonene might uplift your mood, helping to reduce anxiety and depression

Myrcene- musky earthy as well as herbal aroma. Mrycene gives users overall body relaxation and euphoria. It may increase the number of cannabinoid substance in the brain, amplifying the effects of your cannabis.

Caryophllene- peppery, woody, spicy + clove. Known to be an anti-inflammatory, it may help reduce pain and anxiety in users.

Linalool- aromas of floral, citrus and candy. Commonly found in lavender plants, it may give users overall relaxation.

Terpinolene- with its pine, floral, herbal and sometimes citrus aromas. It’s believed to give users uplifting effects.

Do the terpenes in the strains impact your likeability to certain strains or does this not effect it at all for you?

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Cannabis Labels and Effects

Graphics by: Mariska Y.

Whether wanting to increase appetite, relax, or just be in a euphoric state of mind, many people turn to the wonderful cannabis plant. Including myself! I enjoy the energetic qualities of a Sativa, which I use to get moving. When I need to relax, I tend to use an Indica! On those days where I need a bit of relaxation but want to remain productive, my go to is a Hybrid!

I’ve gone from buying my weed from an unknown source (that left me ridden with anxiety from not having a hot clue as to what strain I was about to smoke) to now having access to regulated cannabis (that provides information about the strain) that’ll help me choose and determine what effects I’m going to experience!

Of course now the experience of buying weed is a lot different. Instead of going to your “plug” and getting whatever mystery weed they have, retail stores have a lot more to offer. A lot more. It can be overwhelming for first timers! Terpenes? Sativa? Indica? Hybrid? Worried you might be getting something bunk?

Don’t you worry! With my knowledge of strains, terpenes, and the many ways to consume; I’ll share some of the basics with you!

Our topic today will be on the general cannabis labels Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid.

Cannabis plants have scientific names! C. sativa sativa L. and C. sativa indica Lam. Those are the taxonomic terms for the main types of cannabis plants grown.

 But that’s not really helpful when trying to find a strain with certain effects and feelings. So producers and retailers of cannabis have yanked those taxonomic names and use them as general labels instead! The labels are appointed based off of the aromas and effects of cannabis.

It goes a little something like this:


Sativas are strains that are generally citrusy, diesel, and fruity smelling. The effects are often described as energizing, uplifting, and creative. The high associated with Sativas are generally called “head-highs” as the effects are more cerebral in nature. Sativa strains are perfect for those doing house work, it makes the chore more enjoyable while still being alert enough to get things done! They’re also great for parties because you can remain social instead of melting away on a couch.


Indicas generally smell skunky, piney, dank, and have earthy undertones. The effects of Indicas are often calming and relaxing or even sedating in nature. They are known to give “body-highs” that are felt in the whole body and are perfect for those looking to ease pain or get a good nights rest. A great way to remember the effects of Indica: “Indica in da couch”.


Hybrid strains are, as you might have guessed, a combination of Indica and Sativa! They can be indica dominant, sativa dominant, or equal in terms of effects. Hybrids are great for when you need a bit of both effects. For example, an indica dominant hybrid strain is perfect for someone who wants to relax but not fall asleep and still get some things done. A sativa dominant strain is perfect for someone who wants to have energy and be creative but not get anxious (as some pure sativa strains tend to do).

In terms of smell, you’ll often get a blend of Indica and Sativa aromas. Skunky and citrus, or floral and earthy as an example.

I hope this helps with preparing you for your next visit to our store! But don’t worry if you forget, our highly knowledgeable and trained staff will help you find the perfect strain for you!

Wondering what exactly gives cannabis different effects and aromas? We’ll be covering that in our next blog post about Terpenes!

Until then, Happy Smoking!


The Wonderful World of Cannabis

It’s almost the New Year!! We would like to start 2022 off by bringing you into our wonderful world of cannabis! With this blog we hope to share our cannabis knowledge, have discussions, connect on another level, talk about the products we carry, and of course to have some fun! It will be run by our amazing team here at The Bud Stop.

Throughout this journey we will be discussing a wide array of cannabis related topics. Including differences between Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid, as well as the effects of cannabis and the many ways to consume it! Plus much more! We are very excited to bring you this side of our business and are looking forward to engaging with you all 🙂


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